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This short page will explain you how to install Nessus on a Unix-like system, like Linux. This is pretty straightforward : Nessus compilation : To compile Nessus, you need to download the latest distribution available here. You should have these four files :
You must compile them in this order.
Installing nessus-libraries

Compiling nessus-libraries is a simple operation :
cd nessus-libraries
make install
Installing libnasl

This is straightforward :
cd libnasl
And as root, do :
make installRepeat the same operation with nessus-core and nessus-plugins.
If you are using Linux, then make sure that /usr/local/lib is in /etc/, and type ldconfig. Solaris users will have to execute :

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib
(you may want to add this into your ~/.profile)
If you do not want the client to use GTK (if your system lacks X11 for instance), then you can compile a stripped-down version of the client which will work on command-line. To do this, add the --disable-gtk option to configure while building nessus-core :

cd nessus-core
./configure --disable-gtk
make && make install

Then, that's it ! Nessus is installed on your system. See the demonstration for further informations about the use of Nessus
If something went wrong

Then have a look at the mailing list archives. If you still find no answer to your question, see the contacts section, or better yet, subscribe to the mailing list and ask your question.


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