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  CGI Scanner 4.01
                                           Copyright (c) 1998-2001  m3hm3t

1. About CGIS4
2. How it works
3. What's new in version 4.0
4. Known BUGs
5. Support
6. Contacting

1. About CGIS4
CGIS4 is a multi threaded scanning engine for searching
security vulnerabilities on web servers.

2. How it works
First,you need to know what os or server will you scan.
And what will you look for.
Just select your ruleset file from RuleSet button and
write your url.CGIS4 will search each script in RuleSet
and tell you results.You can find some helpfull infos in
results section for the script.
If you cant find enough info for script look following sites:

3. What's new in version 4.1
* Clear button and a little RuleSet help added.
- 4.0
* I have re-wrote the code and changed compiler in this version.
Bye bye VB :).Version prior 4 is written in Visual Basic.
* RuleSet File system added.This will help you to search correct
scripts on correct platforms.
* Plus,Multi Thread and update check function.

4. Known BUGs
There is no know bugs.
But dont forget:"There is always one more bug."

5. Support
If you have a problem using CGIS4 or want to tell use
your suggestions or have found a bug, please  write to

6. Contacting
You can contact me by  using one  of the following ways: